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Jesus and UFOs

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Jesus and UFOs
 PostPosted: Jun Wed 06, 2007 10:55 pm Reply with quote  

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Mission of Jesus
Jesus, came to humanity to teach Love and Peace. His miracle healings were not intended to show his spiritual power, but were to purify the body and provide DNA encodement allowing the physical body to resonate with the new energy of the last Universal Shift.
Unfortunately, the Galactic Federation that was commissioned to aid and assist your planet's inhabitants could not hold its integrity of Oneness and Love and allowed the Darkness to over take them. This was done through extraterrestrial races which where allied with the Dark Agenda and were seeking to control and infiltrate the Galactic Federation as well as the human race. This was a conscious choice by the Federation to align some of their factions and to unite with the Dark.
Jesus was also tempted by the Dark Forces to join with them. He refused to align with the Dark Agenda and was betrayed by the Galactic Federation whose responsibility was to assist and protect him. As he stated when he was on the cross,:
" ... Why have you forsaken me?"
Matthew 27:46

The Galactic Federation has co ndoned negative ET races to abduct and install tracking devices to be implanted in your human species, also devices that control and alter your consciousness according to their will. The Command has been disbanded and many of its consciousness- controlling implants have been removed.
Light bearers through-out your History have come into physical form to facilitate a positive change and help uplift human consciousness. The Dark Agenda beat many of them down. The embodiment of Light Workers at this time are helping to overcome the force of Darkness. There are many Light Workers who are incarnated now to help with the change in consciousness, and still many of these individuals have had many negative attacks from the Dark Agenda.
We greatly regret the lack of intervention and integrity with the Galactic Federation and its associates. They have the power to implement change. Humanity has been wrongfully treated with disrespect.
If your Galactic Federation cannot hold our Spiritual Law of Oneness, it will no longer exist. In that case we would install a completely new governing body. Your Galactic Federation has already been put on notice and is fully aware of what is stated here. We will not allow corruption in Divine Order. As of 5/11/05 The Galactic Federation is undergoing a purification process to reestablish its integrity in Oneness.

Ron Amitron
(Homepage) http://www.extraterrestrialhealingclinic.com/
(Radio Show) http://www.bbsradio.com/bbc/creation_lightship_healings.php

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