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Ive Just Been Dx'd With Alports Syndrome

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Ive Just Been Dx'd With Alports Syndrome
 PostPosted: Feb Fri 23, 2007 12:13 am Reply with quote  

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High! I'm a 19. Through a period of about 2.5 yrs, i've developed very strange symptoms, all somehow apparently related! I'll outline everything from the beginning.
About 2.5 yrs ago, I felt a periodic pain in my right testicle. The onset was sudden and followed a night of severe masturbation(about 3 or 4 times in an hour!). The pain seemed to be coming from the top of my right testis and traveling into my spermatic cord. But it wasn't that severe(i found that at the top of my right testicle, where the spermatic cord connects to the testis and there is a small oval structure, the oval structure felt detached as opposed to the one on my left testicle) . I didn't go to a urologist untill after about a month, I started getting this periodic burning pain in my right pelvic area. This was followed by pressure in that area and feeling of a mass being there. Not long after, I started feeling strange pains in my right thigh and leg, down to the foot, accompanied by twiching in my hip and leg.. Along with this, I felt pressure in my right kidney area and above it. The urologist checked my testicles physically and I had an ultrasound which showed something like"fullness in upper p
ole calyx on the right". Apart from that, nothing else was there. I also had an ivp xray of my kidney which was clear.
Well the real trouble that i'm having and the strangness of my symptoms begin when, after about 4 months from the onset of these symptoms, I started feeling strange pressure in my right head and strange feelng on my right face!! The pressure seemed to be above my right eye and in my whole right side of the head. Gradually, this was followed by severe acne on my right face. There were ocassional twitches on my face, on my right eye, lip, corner of mouth. I started to relize that my right face had become a little drooped down. I also feel strange sort of pressure in my right shoulder down my right arm
I went to a neurologist for one year, he did an mri of the brain, performed many tests but could find nothing and told me that I had depression. And that it was depression that was dong all these things

well, now after all this time, I feel that my head and hand symptoms are somehow related to my urinary problem!! I feel that the pressure in my roght kidney area and above it is causing blood to be sort of blocked in my right head, shoulder and hand.
I've gone many times to a psychiatrist, taken many medicines spent hours exercising and jogging but this thing doesn't go away!!
Right now I feel strange kind of heat in my whole right body and the feeling that as if blood is sort of blocked in my right hand, head, face, shoulder and leg. Sometimes when the pressure in my abdomen sort of relaxes, al my hand and, head and leg symptoms also relax for some time but then again start.
Also, I feel these symtoms continuously. Right now, i'm in a state of extreme depression and anxiety with no help.
I know some of u wouldn't feel free enough to read through this whole post, due to its length, but I have no choice but to present all my symptoms in detail. !

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