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 PostPosted: Jan Sun 14, 2007 4:54 am Reply with quote  
  Maître Anubis Es'dorva

Joined: 14 Jan 2007
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Bien le bonjour,

Je suis Maitre Anubis Es'dorva, webmaster de 17 ans, habitant en France. Je dirige l'un des premiers forums Star Wars francophone, et nous avons decider d'ouvrir une partie, dans le but d'avoir des discussions avec des gens d'autres pays ( Allemagne, et pays anglophones).
Je cherche donc des forums etrangers, comme le votre, pour etre partenaires.
De plus, je cherche une personne allemande, motivee, qui accepterait de devenir moderateur sur notre forum, dans la partie " ~English Seite ~ ", (pour corriger et traduire par exemple, les regles...).
Cette partie " internationale ", recevrait divers topics ( Star Wars, cinema, politique, actualite, etc...). Notre but est reellement de partager nos passions, et notre culture.
Voici l'adresse du forum : sg-jdr.com/
Et voici l'adresse de la partie : sg-jdr.com/viewforum.forum?f=81

Et nos logo, pour le partenariat sg-jdr.com/viewtopic.forum?t=1426

Je ne peux que vous souhaiter bonne continuation, et Que la Force soit avec vous.
Jediement, Maitre Anubis Es'dorva.



I am Maitre Anubis Es' dorva, webmaster 17 years, living in France. I direct one of the first forums French-speaking Star Wars, and we have decider to open a part, with an aim of having discussions with people of other countries (anglophone Germany, and countries). I thus seek forums etrangers, like your, to be partners. Moreover, I seek a German person, motivee, which would agree to become moderator on our forum, in the part "~English Seite ~", (to correct and translate for example, rules...). This "international" part, would receive various topics (Star Wars, cinema, politic, actualite, etc...). Our goal is to share our passions, and our culture.

Here the address of the forum: sg-jdr.com/

And here the address of the part: sg-jdr.com/viewforum.forum?f=81

And our logo, for the partnership sg-jdr.com/viewtopic.forum?t=1426

I can only wish you good continuation, and That the Force be with you.

Jediement, Maitre Anubis Es' dorva.

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 PostPosted: Jan Fri 19, 2007 11:15 am Reply with quote  

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welcome here and enjoy this forum and also too all the newbie have join
sorry am late etc I guess too busy
Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
Bart Girl A.K.A The Stewie Girl
no internet at home
learning disbaility

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Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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Young Alisa is doing a blow job!

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