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Peace sign burned onto white house front lawn!?

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Peace sign burned onto white house front lawn!?
 PostPosted: Mar Mon 26, 2007 1:13 pm Reply with quote  

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Peace sign burned onto white house front lawn!?

>A Letter From James Twyman:
>A miracle took place yesterday at the US Capitol during our peace concert
>in Washington, DC. I was informed about this only moments ago through a
>phone call from the Capitol Police Department and knew it was important to
>spread the word as quickly as possible. I hope you'll pass this email to as
>many people as possible throughout the world. We also hope to receive
>photos of the miracle to post on my website, www.jamestwyman.com.
>I believe that this miracle is a sign from Heaven. In fact, the Capitol
>Police are threatening to charge us to pay for the removal of the sign
>which appears on the west lawn of the building facing the Washington
>Here's the story:
>Eight years ago I initiated a peace project called the Cloth of Many Colors
>(http://www.emissaryoflight.com/_.aspx?content=Cloth_Many_Colors&t_s=45), a
>mile long quilt made up of millions of small swatches of cloth donated from
>around the world. It was presented at the UN, The US Capitol and the
>Pentagon in September of 2000, then around the world at many international
>peace gatherings. While at the Capitol the idea was born to create a
>children's version of the quilt, an idea that was successfully headed by
>the Master's Group, an organization in the Washington area. The Children's
>Cloth of Many Colors is now nearly as long as the original quilt.
>During a concert and ceremony held on the lawn of the US Capitol yesterday
>it was decided to use the Children's Cloth to create an enormous peace
>sign, one that would be clearly visible for many miles. The symbol was soon
>completed and the ceremony held within. We could feel the energy radiating
>from the peace sign, and we shared many prayers asking for humanity to turn
>toward peace and a world based upon the laws of compassion and love.
>There was no way for us to know just how powerful our prayers of peace
>According to the police, the quilt literally burned the peace sign into the
>lawn of the US Capitol. Though I am relying upon the reports of the police
>and have not seen the miracle with my own eyes, it is apparently clearly
>visible and they are hastily doing everything possible to have it removed.
>But it won't be removed from our memories or our hearts.
>I believe that this is a brilliant manifestation of the prayers of peace
>from millions, even billions of people from around the planet who no longer
>resonate with the warring policies of many governments around the world,
>and it seems that Heaven has made its own feelings heard. There is no
>obvious physical explanation for this phenomenon. The quilt was placed
>softly on the ground for only one hour, so the possibility of a human cause
>is remote.
>James Twyman and Rev. Michael Beckwith will talk more about this miracle on
>their conference call this Wednesday at 1PM EST. The call is free but
>you'll need to register if you want to listen.

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